Black Arson Series 2015 (University of La Verne Law, Ontario, CA)

"Black Arson", evoked by the numerous church burnings that sparked after the South Carolina “Church Massacre” which took place on June 17th, 2015. Seven predominantly black churches were burned down and yet to this day authorities and the community remain unaware of who caused the fires. That day the air turned black, the wood of the church pews blackened with singe and ash, and still today the community remains in a state of blacked out uncertainty. This beckons one to ask, how does a community receive closure in the black state of the unknown? Thus, I present: “ Black Arson". Through artistic re-creation and innovation, this piece is installed at a time in America where more questions need to be asked and less statements need to be made. In these 10 X 20 paintings you will find bible prints, gravel, dirt, grey matter, ash, texture past, and oil. In total there are 7 paintings which mirror the exact number of churches that burned this year. Foreshadowing the irony of both art and life, the total number of 7 paintings wraps the entire piece around the holistic symbolism of “7”, the biblical number of divine perfection or completion.

Black Arson #1 (2015)
Black Arson #2 (2015)
Black Arson #3 (2015)
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