Jamaal Hasef Tolbert

Biography/Artist Statement


Jamaal H. Tolbert is a Southern California native. His studies took place and California State University, Bakersfield were he received a B.A. in Sociology & Art. He continued his studies at Claremont Graduate University were he received his MFA in Studio Art.  His work introduces viewers to a world of critical issues often avoided by society. The works, presented both physically and online, entice the viewer to contemplate difficult questions and spark conversations. His work has been exhibited in different group shows within the United States. Tolbert encourages viewers to reconsider their role in social construction, civil rights, and white hegemony. 

Artist Statement

A multi-discipline artist whose work focuses on social, political, and cultural issues. I use video, sculpture, and painting to investigate the African Diaspora and trans-Atlantic memory and their effects on American social structure. My work, which is presented physically and online, challenges viewers to consider difficult questions and participate in meaningful conversations; it is deeply personal and, I hope, relevant. We live in interesting times that suggest great transformation is at hand, one that will change the way we perceive race, privilege, and individual value.

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