Sedabuda House Artist Residency

Akiwdaa, Ghana

The Sedabuda residency was absolutely phenomenal. Ghana gaveaffirmation and completeness. During this residency I was able to meditate,write out my ideas clearly and focus.  Iworked on video, photography and complete examples of paintings that are in theworks now that I'm home. I would like to thank Todd Grey and Kyungmi  Shin for the opportunity of attending thisResidency. Ghana will forever have a special place in my heart.  I would like also like to give a special thankyou to everyone who donated towards my gofundme. Thank you all for yourcontinued support and kindness. I will forever be grateful.

Art Performance

"The Evaporating Black Man"

KCHUNG RADIO & CURRENT LA: South Weddington Park, Los Angeles, CA



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